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Our Story

The Loew family began in America in a similar fashion to many Americans, as immigrants. In the late 19th and early 20th century, our family emigrated to America from Austria and Italy.

Our real estate journey began when our great grandfather travelled from Italy to Ellis Island on a ship named "The California,” with nothing but a third-grade education and the American Dream. His first job was as a Staten Island Ferry shoeshine boy, making 50 cents a day. From a boy who worked at a fruit stand, to a man that owned it, he quickly found his place in the real estate industry, taking his Italian charm with him. Thirty years later, our great grandfather was one of the largest real estate brokers in Westchester County, New York. In his eyes, he was simply taking advantage of the opportunities he was provided.

Jonathan and Harrison were lucky enough to know their great-grandfather and, through his trite sayings and biting honesty, they learned of the ideals that are required for success--honesty, integrity, and an indominable work ethic. Today, these values hold true to the Loew family and are the same values that are integrated into Loew and Loew, LLC.

Loew and Loew, LLC is the culmination of four generations of real estate expertise and an unmatched standard of excellence and professionalism. Every day, we strive to provide the fastest and most affordable title services in the state of Florida. We do this with the same familial ideals that took our family from Ellis Island all those generations ago.


Jonathan Loew:

Jonathan Loew is the founder of Loew and Loew, LLC and an expert in title and escrow. Growing up as a swimmer and athlete, Jonathan knows the importance of precision, work ethic, and detail. In college, he was part of the University of South Carolina: Columbia’s prestigious honors college and international business program. There, he was educated by some of the most highly qualified international business professors on the integral aspects of building a business. Upon graduation, he took his academic prowess to a premiere insurance software company where he managed the South Carolina sales team.

Years later, Jonathan would head the founding of Loew and Loew, LLC with the goal of picking up the generational mantle of the real estate industry. Since that time, Jonathan has closed thousands of loans with customers across Florida from Pensacola to Key West and everything in between.









Harrison Loew:

Harrison Loew is, like his father, a serial entrepreneur and has spent years building his own companies. At the age of 14, Harrison started his first company named “Consign it Online” which was an online estate and antique liquidation company. He spent his weekends combing through yard sales and large item trash days to find vintage antiques. By the age of 17 he had started his own charity called “Orthodontic Angels”, a non-profit focused on providing orthodontic care to underprivileged children in North Carolina. In college, he maintained his entrepreneurial focus and assisted in the founding of Loew and Loew, LLC while actively pursuing a double major and swimming on the Rollins College Men’s Varsity team. Upon graduation, he took on Loew and Loew, LLC full time as the Director of Business development. When he is not working on Loew and Loew or his consignment business, Harrison enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family.









Edward Loew:

Ed Loew is a serial entrepreneur, father of three, and loving husband. After starting his first company at the age of 28, Ed knew that being the master of his own destiny was an opportunity he wanted for the rest of his life. By the time he was 35, Ed had started several companies including a Forbes top 400 listed deck construction company. Along the way, Ed had worked as a mortgage loan originator and later opened his own multi-state brokerage firm. He continued loan origination for, cumulatively, 35 years and became a master of the industry.

With 35 years of mortgage experience, Ed provides a perspective that has been honed from tens of thousands of successfully closed loans. He has taken that perspective and applied it to Loew and Loew, LLC allowing it to become the premiere option for title work with customers, realtors, and lenders across the state.

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