What is a Joint Venture?

A title company and real estate brokerage share the same goal, to grow their businesses together. A Joint Venture provides the opportunity to generate value for both sides; the brokerage can extract more value from the real estate chain and the title company gains access to a larger pool of realtors. A Joint Venture (JV) is created when two parties come together to form a new entity which is typically an Limited Liability Company (LLC). The brokerage owns a portion of that entity allowing them to share in the operating profits of the new LLC.


Do I need to make day-to-day decisions?

The title industry is complex and extremely detail focused. You should not have to worry about the fine details of title. Loew and Loew will run the operation of the new entity, giving you the opportunity to focus on your brokerage.

Am I qualified to start a JV with Loew and Loew?

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