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Title Search and Examination

Our team of title experts offers first-in-class Title Search Expertise and the watchful eye of highly experienced Title Examiners. We work to provide complete clarity and safety to the closing process.

Secure Document Storage

Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more common in the Real Estate and Title industry. Trust your important, official documents to the experts at Loew and Loew.


Closing and Escrow Services

Closing is one of the most important parts of a property transaction. Loew and Loew ensures that Closing Procedures are done in an accurate and timely fashion.

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Title Examination and Insurance is the #1 Most Important Part of a Property Sale

At Loew and Loew, we understand that knowing your property belongs solely to you is the most important part of a property sale. We use modern title search and examination methods to ensure our clients and customers have clean titles and are safe from an unknown claim on a property. Title insurance can be complicated--trust the professionals at Loew and Loew to make your experience safe, stress-free, and pristine.


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